Students pursuing a degree in digital media arts are opening themselves up to a wide catalog of possible creative work careers. This degree is a four semester program where students can learn how to harness various digital media outlets, all having a place in the art industry. From graphic design, to animation, to video editing, there are dozens of creativity-based careers that digital media arts (DMA) students can choose from. 

“A career in digital media often entails designing and developing content for marketing initiatives, websites, video games and animation.” -The editorial team at 

Some of the careers that DMA students can choose from include, but are not limited to, web analytics specialists, web developers, video game designers, graphic designers, social media specialists, animators, video editors, and digital photographers. Other notable careers include sound design, cinematography, and even music production. 

Upon completion of the degree, DMA students will find it easier to find jobs in the creative industry. It is true that companies look for candidates with experience over candidates with a degree, however, due to the program’s hands-on approach, DMA students will already have plenty of experience. This multifaceted degree approaches digital media from many different angles, and as a result gives students the skills they need to be a desired candidate.

Glendale Community College (GCC) offers a multitude of programs and internships where DMA students can build their resume. As part of their degree, students are required to partake in either an internship or capstone project, propelling them further into their desired field. One of the offered internships is a commercial art internship, where students learn what it’s like to take part in photographic imaging for a business or industry. Another opportunity that GCC offers is a capstone project in which students must address a specific issue in digital media arts and design. 

It’s important to build an impressive portfolio so that companies can see all the different skills students have picked up during their time in school. The DMA industry is a rapidly growing one, which only benefits the students working toward getting their degree.