Are you a starving artist looking for some exposure for your work and maybe a little cash too? Entries for the Artists of Promise Competitions, sponsored by the Maricopa Community Colleges (MCC), can be submitted through the GCC website February through March.

Students can compete in a range of art categories such as Dance, Fashion, Film, Animation, Media Arts, Theater, and Visual Arts.  First-place winners will receive $225 to $300, depending on the competition.  Cash prizes are also being offered for second and third places. Specifics about guidelines for entries, deadlines, and submitting your work can be found by going to the website. Only pieces created as part of an MCC class will be accepted and students may submit up to two entries per category.

Winning entries will be displayed or performed at the Artists of Promise Gala which will be held in April 2021, giving these artists the opportunity to have their works seen by friends, family, and the community.  Due to Covid-19, last year’s Gala was canceled which means there is even more excitement and buzz around this year’s Gala.  The first-place finishers in each category will be entered into the League of Innovation National Art Competition where they will compete against other Community College students from across North America for an $800 top prize.

The Artists of Promise Competitions give students the opportunity to add a showing in a competition to their resume while making connections within the art community that could help them get even more exposure. Deadlines are quickly approaching so take a look through some of your recent class projects or performances and submit them! The cost to enter is free, so what have you got to lose? If not fame or a straight path to success, at least it could help you pay the rent.