Assignment: LinkedIn Profile & Summary


Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn is a tool, one that you can use to advance your career (the subject of this post) or waste massive amounts of time. It’s all about how you use it. Used correctly, however, LinkedIn can have immense benefits to you as a student.

What to do: Review the instructions for this unit’s assignment.


  • Create an online presence with a LinkedIn profile
  • Write a compelling LinkedIn summary


  1. Read the following article: 10 LinkedIn Profile Summaries That We Love (And How to Boost Your Own)
  2. Review the example profiles in the article.
  3. Create your own LinkedIn profile. Remember this will be public, so don’t write anything you wouldn’t want a future employer to see. Be professional. Be truthful.
  4. Follow the article guide and write your own profile summary. Use the tips provided in the article to guide your summary.
    1. Tips 1-7: The substance of a great LinkedIn profile summary (what to say)
    2. Tips 8-14: The style of a great LinkedIn profile summary (how to say it) 

Time Management: Plan for 1-2 hours to complete this lesson