In March of 2020, our lives would be changed forever because of the pandemic. Students now have the ability to do almost anything online since the beginning of the pandemic; however, there can be benefits to both online and in person classes. People were sent home to work remotely. Students were given an extra week of spring break only to come back to school in an online setting. Nicole is just one of thousands that had to change both her work and schooling to an online setting. 

Nicole is a single mother raising two kids, working full time from home, and she is a full time student taking nursing classes. In the past she has taken online classes, but she wishes some of her nursing classes could have been fully in person. In her pharmacology class, she had to administer medications to a doll over a webcam. Nicole states, “This check off would have been better off being done in person to get the full effect.” Many of her professors were kind of thrown into doing these classes at the last minute. She had issues with professors responding and grading assignments in a timely manner. There was one class she took that there wasn’t a single thing graded until the very last week of her classes. Just because some things can be done from home, doesn’t mean everything can.

Being a single mother, Nicole has benefitted some from being able to do more things from her own home. Having online courses allowed her to still be able to spend time with her children. She did not have to commute to school several times a week and online has to go in person once a week now. One thing she said was, “If I didn’t have a great support system, I wouldn’t be able to improve not only mine but my children’s lives.” Nicole has her mom and her sister who have been helping her take care of her children. Without them, she doesn’t think she would have been able to start her nursing journey.

Taking classes online allows many people to work at their own pace with their own flexible schedule. Nicole is just one of these people who have been able to take advantage of this. However, there are still disadvantages that come with online learning. Hands-on interactions are almost non-existent in this form of learning. Again, Nicole had to use a doll to do an assessment on a patient because the class was moved to an online setting. 

When it comes to prerequisite classes such as English classes, Nicole found it to be a great class to take online. She didn’t need the in person interactions to understand what she needed to do. Her assignments and the class were pretty straight forward that she didn’t need clarification on the class.  

Adjusting to an online setting can be fairly difficult for some people. They had to learn how to navigate an online school setting that they had never done before. Since the world was already changing into a more technology based world prior to the beginning of the pandemic, it wasn’t as difficult for some people. There are advantages and disadvantages to many different subjects, and online learning is no different.

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